People of the Project: Matthew Hubbard

5 May 2022

Matthew Hubbard, Superintendent/Senior Project Manager, Development Victoria

Matthew Hubbard, Superintendent / Senior Project Manager for Development Victoria, has been part of the Geelong Arts Centre redevelopment journey since the Ryrie Street stage and is now working on the Little Malop Street project. In this edition of People of the Project, Matthew talks about his role and why this project is particularly close to his heart.

Development Victoria works on projects that improve facilities for the community all around the State and when Matthew embarked on this project over five years ago, he knew it would be a special one. “I grew up in Geelong and still have family and friends here who will come and see the shows or maybe even be up on the stage themselves.”

As Superintendent / Senior Project Manager, Matthew manages the contract between Development Victoria and Lendlease to ensure both parties meet their obligations in relation to the project. He has also been involved in developing the procurement strategy and selecting consultants.

“We’ve been lucky enough to assemble a great team at all levels of this project who are genuinely passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes for the Geelong Arts Centre and the wider Geelong community. It makes it so rewarding when everyone is working towards the same goal.”

The Little Malop Street Redevelopment set out to achieve flexible building that would be connected and accessible to the community. “This building was briefed to be truly multi-purpose and I think we’ve achieved that. With the range of formats and setups available visitors experience something new and different each time they visit.

“With ARM as the architects, the centre will be full of quirky hidden features and the building itself will be an icon. Come the first time to see a show and then come again to explore the building.”

The Geelong Arts Centre Little Malop Street Redevelopment is backed with a $140 million investment from the Victorian Government.

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