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Mike Brady & Mike McClellan

Mike Brady & Mike McClellan

You could say Mike Brady and Mike McClellan are great songwriters who’ve written ads. You could also say they are great ad writers who’ve written songs. In reality, they’re wonderful performers who have written great songs and great ads.

And their histories are remarkably similar. Early chart success, and years on the road before the advertising industry came knocking. And finally returning to what they love most, writing for themselves, out on the stage, sharing their songs and stories.

Of course you’ll hear Up There Cazaly, Song and Danceman and The One I Love, but you’ll also hear songs from Mike Brady’s remarkable recent album Bloodlines – The Australian Irish Story and some brilliant new Mike McClellan songs, among them I Wonder Who You’re Waiting For.

For all their past successes it is abundantly clear that the talent in both Mikes has only grown richer with time.


Ticket prices

  • Full Price $59 - $59
  • Child under 16 Years $25 - $25
  • Concession $54 - $54


Drama Theatre


Approx 150 minutes with no interval.