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Miss Peony 牡丹小姐

A Belvoir St Theatre Production | Our Season 2023

Miss Peony 牡丹小姐

A brand new comedy from the writer of the smash hit Single Asian Female.

Lily’s grandmother was a beauty queen back in Hong Kong. She doesn’t care that times have changed, that Lily lives in a new country and a new century. She sees a granddaughter caught between worlds. So Poh Poh pushes Lily into entering the highly competitive Miss Peony, and no matter how hard Lily tries to wriggle out of it, her grandma won’t take no for an answer.

And to make matters worse, she’s a ghost.


冬冬的婆婆曾经是香港小姐冠军 。尽管时代变迁,现今冬冬生活在一个新的国家和世纪,她都并不在乎。她看到孙女被夹在两个世界中、左右为难。所以婆婆逼迫冬冬参选竞争激烈的牡丹小姐,无论冬冬如何尝试挣扎脱身,她的婆婆都不会接受「不」。更糟的是,婆婆是一只鬼。豪华瞩目又滑稽怪诞,创新大胆喜剧牡丹小姐讲述了我们基本的人际关系需求—对家庭、过去、未来、和彼此之间。这将会是我们史无前例,第一次同时使用三种语言演出:在现场,角色会从英语切换至广东话和普通话,全场演出均提供三种语言字幕。


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  • By 羅敏儀 Michelle Law
  • Director 导演 Courtney Stewart
  • Set & Costume Designer Jonathan Hindmarsh
  • Lighting Designer Trent Suidgeest
  • Composer 黄建文 Dr Nicholas Ng
  • Sound Designer Julian Starr
  • Choreographer 陈小宝 Kristina Chan
  • Assistant Director 许天奕Xǔ Nicole Pingon
  • Subtitling & Mandarin Translator 韩静博士 Dr Jing Han
  • Cantonese Translator 徐颖 Sylvia Xu
  • Fight Director Nigel Poulton
  • Intimacy Coordinator Chloë Dallimore
  • Singing Teacher Sheena Crouch


  • Adeline 陳金燕 Gabrielle Chan
  • Marcy 陳敬璿 Jing-Xuan Chan
  • Lily Stephanie Jack
  • Sabrina 李美宝 Mabel Li
  • Vincent Jeffrey Liu (JËVA)
  • Joy 吴士容 Shirong Wu

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Ticket prices

  • Full Price $69
  • Concession $62
  • Senior $62
  • Group (10 or more) $59
  • Student $62
  • Child $45


The Story House


140 minutes with a 20 minute interval.

Age Recommendation

Suitable for audiences 15 years +

Post Show Q&A

Stick around after the 7:30pm performance on Friday September 8 for a Post Show Q&A

Language 语言

Characters will switch between English, Cantonese and Mandarin, the show will be surtitled in all three.


Show Warning

Includes some strong language, smoking of herbal and electronic cigarettes and the use of haze.



All e-tickets will be sent out 3 days prior to the performance.

Photography is not permitted during the performance.