Where Creativity Meets At Home

Here, you'll find a history of performances and behind the scenes moments from our Where Creativity Meets At Home live-streams.

In 2020, a quiet unlike anything our venues have encountered before settled over Geelong Arts Centre, leaving a sea of empty seats without an audience and three well-trodden stages without a single performer.

But the pause gave way to innovation, thrusting the arts centre into a new world of digital broadcast. A new way to connect with audiences, and to bring artists back onto the stage, safely.

These live-stream performances were the keystone to Geelong Arts Centre’s #WhereCreativityMeetsAtHome initiative, featuring Taylor Henderson, Tripod, Gillian Cosgriff, Amanda Harrison, Jessie Lloyd, and many more exceptional Victorian artists.



Curious as to how each of our live-streams came to life? Take a peek behind the scenes at Simon Gleeson and Natalie O'Donnell's show.

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