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Gerard Black


About Gerard Black

Gerard Black is a proud Worimi man who grew up in Torquay and has a deep connection to Wadawurrung Country, where he has been nurtured and grown.

Gerard’s interest in art started at school, but he spent time as a builder and only later returned to his art roots, becoming an internationally recognised tattoo artist and, more recently, a fine artist.

Gerard’s art features intricate, geometric dotwork inspired by his connection to the land and ocean of the Wadawurrung, ancient art techniques and his birthing Country of Worimi.

Gerard Black’s Geelong Arts Centre artwork

Appearing as a mural in Tutti, Geelong Arts Centre's dedicated dining space, Gerard's work is inspired by growing up on Wadawurrung Country and his experiences exploring Spring Creek.

The patterns used in this work represent the ways that eels move in water, and the ripples they create. The work's main subject, the eel, is set forward and illuminated, which creates the illusion of movement. Sitting at approximately 10sqm in scale, the work is a prominent feature within the dining space.

This work has provided Gerard with a platform to further embrace and share his culture, and he encourages those visiting Geelong Arts Centre to get up close and personal with the work in a multi-sensory way, inviting them to fall in love with the eel, and with the stories of his culture.

Gerard worked with a specialist local contractor on initial development of the artwork via a prototyping process. The artwork installation has been applied over a specialised plywood substrate with integrated lighting.


Gerard Black is a proud Worimi (Newcastle) artist who grew up in Torquay.

His artwork is in Tutti, the Geelong Arts Centre restaurant.

Gerard was inspired to make this art when he saw an eel in Spring Creek, Torquay. The artwork uses special patterns and lights that make it look like the eel is moving through the water.

The artwork is very big and bright, so people can see it through the window from the street.

This art is important to Gerard because it helps him share his culture with you, so make sure you look at it carefully and get nice and close to see all of the details!

1. Gerard Black - Credit Peter Foster

Gerard Black reveals his artwork at Geelong Arts Centre, 4 August. Photo by Peter Foster.