Supplier Complaints

Supplier Complaints Management

Effective handling of complaints demonstrates that an organisation places a high level of importance on the way it conducts procurement and how it interacts with the market.

A complaints management system gives a supplier involved in a procurement activity, or an agent acting in the interests of the supplier, mechanisms to raise concerns about how an organisation manages a procurement activity.

To maintain high standards of probity, complaints need to be handled in a consistent, fair and transparent manner. Complaints will ideally be resolved - to the satisfaction of both parties - within the organisation. Escalating complaints to outside parties can result in added costs and delays in delivering procurement activities.

The Geelong Performing Arts Centre Trust (‘the Centre’) is committed to resolving complaints made by suppliers in a timely fashion and in a fair and transparent manner. ​​​​​​​The Centre’s Internal Procurement Unit (‘IPU’) is responsible for the Centre’s complaints management. Specifically, the IPU ensures that the Centre’s complaints management process demonstrates due process and integrity.

Internal Procurement Unit (C/- Director Corporate Services):

Geelong Performing Arts Centre Trust
81 Ryrie Street
Geelong, VIC 3220

By email:

The Centre will be guided by its Supplier Complaints Management Policy and Procedure should a complaint be lodged. The Flow Chart that can be accessed below, provides a high-level summary of the Centre’s complaints management process and the timeframes for each step.

The Centre aims to resolve complaints to the satisfaction of all parties involved under the complaints management process. Should a supplier wish to lodge a complaint, please refer to the form below.

Supplier Complaints Form