Journey on Wadawurrung Country - Pilot Project by Ferne Millen

Ignition | Creative Engine Grant Recipient 2020

Journey on Wadawurrung Country is a cultural exploration of our local indigenous people and their stories through artistic practice.

Working closely with proud Wadawurrung woman, Corrina Eccles, this project furthers the investigation to document the stories of the Wadawurrung people, land, community and culture through audio recordings, thoughtfully curated portrait photographs, filming of locations on country and photography of cultural landmarks and areas of significance with careful consideration and cultural consultation.

Journey on Wadawurrung Country is an ongoing project.

Creative Engine Grant Recipient: Jump Start 2020

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Journey on Wadawurrung Country

- Pilot Project Exhibition / Installation

Geelong Arts Centre, February 2021

The Journey on Wadawurrung Country pilot project captured a cross-section of portraits, sounds and stories from identified Wadawurrung Traditional Owners and their lands.

Together in close consultation with Corrina Eccles (Wadawurrung Traditional Owner and cultural manager), Ferne Millen (art director / photographer) and Vicki Hallett (musician, sound artist, field recordist), this project collaborated to capture the stories of the traditional custodians of Wadawurrung land.

This multidisciplinary exhibition featured installations and included sound, visual arts and lighting in the Ryrie Street entrance-foyer of the Geelong Arts Centre during Geelong Arts Centre’s The Summer Sessions program in February 2021.

Millen’s fine art prints of portraits of Wadawurrung elders and landscapes of this country were displayed and interwoven with Vicki Hallett’s sound recordings and interviews, activating the Foyer space into a full, sensory and immersive cultural learning experience for the public.


Photographer Ferne Millen

Artistic Director Ferne Millen

Wadawurrung Traditional Owner and Cultural Manager Corrina Eccles

Musician, Sound Artist, Field Recordist Vicki Hallett

Journey on Wadawurrung Country - Pilot Project Exhibition / Installation (February 2021) was supported by Geelong Arts Centre’s Creative Engine and City of Melbourne.

Additional support is generously given by Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation.