The Rubble by Bravo Arts

Ignition | Creative Engine Grant Recipient 2020

A new generation. Sharing experience and viewpoints.

A new gig theatre work. Six exciting emerging artists come together for the first time to share their stories as young Australian artists in 2020. Through contemporary music, they share stories and experiences across the social and political spectrum as they sift through the rubble left by a fire torn country, a pandemic and ongoing calls for equality. Gig-Theatre is a relatively new genre, and blends contemporary music with traditional narrative through lines in a hybrid theatrical/gig atmosphere.


Director / Producer Christian Cavallo

Writer / Performers Kaya Byrne, Matilda Hassall, Conor Morel, Lucy O’Brien, Caleb Thiaday

Creative Engine Grant Recipient: Ignition

Creative Development, October 2020 - June 2021