2022 - Grant Round Two

Breasts Become Her

Ignition | Creative Engine Grant Recipient 2022

Breasts Become Her
Miss Cairo

The People of Cabaret

Breasts Become Her (BBH) is a solo cabaret show written and performed by Miss Cairo, a queer transgender cabaret artist of colour which poses the question: At what point am I considered a woman?

The show’s title was inspired by the 1992 film Death Becomes Her, starring Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, a dark comedy which makes a comment on womanhood, ageing, and the ego and is the springboard of the show to tackle large questions of Miss Cairo's own womanhood as a trans woman who has grown her own boobs - with a little help from 4 oestrogen pills a day. Inspired by the film, she named her boobs Meryl TEET and Goldie HORN, and together they are Breasts Becomes Her.

This show provides a space for a transwoman to articulate their own lived experience, something they don’t often get to do. It allows space for the audience to find their own commonalities, whether they be cisgender, transgender, or genderdiverse, giving them a space to explore and interrogate their own gender identity without being told how they should feel. It’s an opportunity of collective self-discovery and relativity to one another’s ideas of identity.

Miss Cairo will be working with Geelong Rainbow to find local queer and trans community members to attend the showing at the creative development week. There they will receive feedback, garner interest for the show and start building creative relationships for the future evolution of this work. This will provide other Geelong based artists with the opportunity to make work, be part of the show and potentially tour internationally.

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About Miss Cairo

Miss Cairo has been an advocate in the performing arts industry for her queer, trans fam and communities of colour and is the Director of The People of Cabaret. She has a strong focus on mental health and well-being and is committed to ensuring that artists find their self-worth and value in the work they produce.

Miss Cairo has travelled extensively around the world and has trained in many different art forms: cabaret, burlesque, singing, drag, physical theatre, mask and mime, dance, writing, wig making, costume design/making – to name but a few skills! Her varying skills have helped her develop a thoughtful approach to live performance regarding responding to, and being sensitive to, audiences’ reactions. Miss Cairo developed a strong sense of improvisational techniques in her early years.

Image Credits: Miss Cairo by Greg Dennis