Picture’in the Past | The Search is on for the Mystery Artwork

30 Oct 2020

Mystery Artworks

Picture’in the past… is what has been happening at Geelong Arts Centre of late. If the walls could talk, oh the stories they would tell!

We are on the search for one particular story as we celebrate the iconic Geelong establishment with the new phase of redevelopment approaching, and it’s that of two unknown mystery paintings that we are fiercely trying to credit to an artist.

The arts and cultural scene in Geelong showcase regional Victoria’s vibrant heritage through art and history; and we happen to have an exciting discovery of both.

Every piece of art tells a story, often leaving the viewer to imagine the narrative or even invent their own story. Well, we are channeling all of our inner-detectives and invite you on the search for the story behind two of the unidentified artworks that have been proudly displayed at on the walls inside for many years.

These walls are famous in Geelong and are no stranger to famous faces in entertainment. Rich in history, experience and glory, Geelong Arts Centre continues to bring us back to our roots and celebrate the arts through time.

Recognize this artwork? Pop on your detective hat and join us in the search of its origin as we remember and prepare to farewell the walls of Geelong Arts Centre - Email with your discovery.

Photo Credit: As seen in Geelong Independent Amateur sleuth Colin Mockett searches for clues to origins of two mystery paintings at Geelong Arts Centre (Photographer: Rebecca Hosking )