Your guide to celebrating queer and gender-diverse stories in 2024

11 Jan 2024
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Photo by Robert Catto

Geelong Arts Centre continues to set the stage for groundbreaking performances, highlighting and celebrating the diverse experiences of the queer and gender-diverse community.

In 2024, the lineup promises a series of plays and a cabaret that not only challenge and entertain but also foster inclusivity, showcasing the transformative power of art in shaping perceptions and promoting empathy and understanding.

Overflow | 8-10 Feb

Darlinghurst Theatre Company
Season 2024

Kicking off Season 2024 is Overflow, a thought-provoking play by acclaimed trans voice Travis Alabanza.

Overflow is making history as the first ever all trans and gender-diverse cast and creative team assembled for a mainstream Australian theatre production.

Directed by Dino Dimitriadis, the play delves into the intricacies of women's bathrooms, exploring the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion.

Overflow invites the audience to contemplate the importance of solidarity and shared experiences through a vibrant 70 minute show of humour, havoc and all that lies between. Featured in The Age as one of "the best shows coming to Victoria in 2024”.

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Trophy Boys | 14-15 Jun

Soft Tread Enterprises in association with The Maybe Pile

Following suit is Trophy Boys, a riotous queer black comedy and drag extravaganza challenging societal norms.

The play unfolds during a high-stakes debating tournament where the all-boys St Imperium College team must argue 'that feminism has failed women.'

With a female and non-binary cast in drag, this satirical take on power, privilege, and high school dynamics dismantles preconceived notions, promoting inclusivity through the transformative nature of drag and comedy.

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Fourteen | 30-31 Aug

Shake & Stir Theatre co.
Season 2024

Fourteen takes us back to 1999, where year 9 student Shannon Molloy navigates self-discovery at an all-boys Catholic school.

Adapted from the best-selling memoir, this theatrical production by Shake & Stir Theatre Co. combines humour, nostalgia, and heart to address the trials of growing up gay against the backdrop of 90s hits, capturing a metamorphic period in LGBTQIA+ history.

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Photo by Jason Matz

Tash York’s Happy Hour | 25-26 Oct

Big Hair Production and Regional Arts Victoria

Tash York, the Trash Queen of Cabaret, takes centre stage in this quintessential cabaret performance, combining drag, music, and comedy in a colourful pursuit of happiness.

Backed by The Red Red Wines, this happy hour promises powerful harmonies, hilarious stories, and improvised numbers for an empowering and entertaining experience. Think Meow Meow meets Bianca Del Rio but on a budget!

Geelong Arts Centre's commitment to hosting diverse and thought-provoking performances not only entertains but fosters empathy, understanding, and acceptance. In a world where representation matters, these performances contribute to a more inclusive and enlightened society.

As we applaud the creative minds behind these productions, we also celebrate the evolving landscape of performing arts reflecting the richness and complexity of the human experience.

Join us in embracing the transformative power of art at Geelong Arts Centre in 2024.

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