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The Church Giving Campaign

Maximising opportunities for creatives

Geelong Arts Centre invites the Geelong community to contribute to transforming the interior of the Church, and in turn the artistic prospects of Geelong’s incredible pool of creative talent.

The Church Giving Campaign focuses on the interior redevelopment of the mid-1800s Church located in the heart of the Geelong Arts Centre creative campus.

Building on the investment provided by the Victorian State Government and an array of generous donors, the campaign provides a chance to maximise opportunities for the next generation of artists and creatives with the implementation of a cabaret-style performance venue and artist support spaces.

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Why supporting this campaign matters:

The Church venue, through a grants and gifts program, would facilitate access and revenue streams for artists to participate in and contribute to the city's cultural scene. It would provide emerging talents with the resources, accessibility, and technical support necessary to develop groundbreaking work, whether in theatre, music, or other creative fields.

This inclusive and collaborative environment would foster the growth of Geelong's creative community, leading to the creation of innovative, thought-provoking art that enriches both the local culture and the economy.

In essence, this space is not just a physical location; it's a vital investment in the talent and creative spirit of Geelong, promising a future of artistic excellence and cultural enrichment for all!

Together, we can inspire the stars of tomorrow to light up the world.

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