Painted Light

31 Mar 2020
Painted Light

Photo Credit: Tom Bush

Something special happens each night as the sun sets on Geelong Arts Centre. A cascade of coloured light slowly trickles down the eastern wall of the arts centre’s near-translucent Ryrie Street building. As we edge closer to the winter solstice, there’ll be even more opportunity to see the spectacle for yourself.

Painted Light is a major public art commission by internationally acclaimed Victorian artist, Daniel von Sturmer. The aptly titled artwork spans from the building’s first floor to the crest of the rooftop, echoing the iconic U-Channel glass façade. To create the visual effect, von Sturmer filmed multiple versions of dripping paint, one colour slowly sliding down over another, and then carefully converted the video sequences into light using LED technology. Every 15 or so minutes the ‘canvas’ is flooded before a new sequence commences, creating a gentle rhythm that is, at the time, soothing and striking. This is a key new work in von Sturmer’s recent series of light-based installations, expanding the potential for moving image and the use of light technology within art.

Von Sturmer was awarded the commission following an open call for expressions of interest, which attracted 63 proposals from Australia and around the globe. He has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1995 and, in 2007, represented Australia at the 52nd Venice Biennale.

Daniel von Sturmer is Associate Dean of Education at Monash University and is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery.

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